can it happen to have two different orders?

Well, I’m training and I do not quite understand, I was punished for speed again.
1- My IF crashed at the time of landing. I left the IF but counted the point.
2 - This I did not understand I did as I always do. Prepared for the landing I followed the orders and went to 24L in Klax as ordered. I moved to the tower and straight from the 24L I got the order to go to 25R, I had a limited time and I tried but it gained a lot of speed, making the curve down and 2 points.
So I did not understand anything.
I lost the points, it was 5th grade and I went back to 3.
What does this image mean?
If I keep trying to learn, will I be relegated until I can not get in?


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You were to fast. When flying below 10’000ft (so every altitude between 0ft and 9’999ft) you’re speed must be slower than 250kts. That’s why you got that violation.


Yes, I understand.
The problem is what do I do now in training stop.
wait 7 days?

Considering that you said you are still grade 3 you should still be able to access the training server so you can go ahead and jump back in and start flying. After 7 days those violations you accumulated will “fall off” but from your screenshot it shows that you accumulated only 2 violations so you should be fine.

Next time just be careful when your flying.


As you do if you happen to be on the landing and suddenly have an order sending you to another track.
But already in the final stages?
The image: I’m giving a second round because it went wrong put.

Take it out of autopilot and then apply speed brakes under 250 knots and fly it manually once under 250 change from speedbrake to armed flaps for landing

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where I find the rules for violations
thank you

Check this out 👍🏻 Expert Server Requirement Changes

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Olá, agora eu entendi o que eu perguntei.
Sua resposta não foi tão completa quanto esta postagem que você postou.
Servidor de Treinamento: Pensamentos e Idéias.
Pode haver duas ordens porque o ATC também pode estar treinando, então pode haver um erro.
Dica uma tolerância para os pontos, mas mantendo as instruções que aparecem na tela Exemplo 3 erros perder 1 ponto.
No meu caso, foi muita instrução que tentei seguir e ganhei velocidade em uma coisa que eu já sabia fazer, é aterrar no KLAX.

Sorry, I don’t speak Portuguese.

However I managed to translate it (thanks

Now, when you’re flying you have to monitor everything. Not only what ATC is telling you but you’re speed. Before the violation there should have been a warning message. There’s no way to miss it.

On Training Server I’d put the violation rules before the ATC commands if I were you. That way you can learn step by step to get used to both 😊

Here’s a list of how you’ll get a violation:


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thank you
This helps a lot. I’ll copy the image.
Should there be a tolerance for to practice
What do you thing?
3 violations = 1 point.

I would just like to bring attention to the fact that in the bottom left it says his speed is 210kts, unless I’m missing something here

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No, I don’t think that there should be a tolerance.

You need to be at Grade 2 to enter Training Server. You get your tolerance by flying in Casual where there are no violations in order to get to Grade 2. Afterwards it’s your responsibility.

It’s actually much harder today to get violated compared to previous versions. Couple years ago you even got a violation when you were entering an airspace you were not qualified for yet.

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I did not understand your question

The violation in question was received because you were supposedly going above 250 under 10000. However, in the bottom left, as well as autopilot, it indicates you were at 210.

I do not know how to say this in English ok.
So what the grade 2 pilot is a professional?
that simple?
But it is many commands and one thing is the Casual it I understand well. Flying in ATC today was confusing as I said many different orders of height I tried to obey and gave in to it.
Already seen some student that does not miss, in a real training you have an instructor here you are alone from the beginning.

Yes it was very fast the thing I did the print immediately because I was in doubt.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up

I think you should see this better.
Training help to empower yourself.
Being punished fast without a tolerance is a bit too hard. For those who try alone without a side instructor in real time.
I know that many have gone through this and today they are excellent but not everyone has certain capabilities.
Thanks for the help and patience, you are cool.

Hey Demetrius!
When you’re flying on the training server, it’s very important to watch your speed. You’ll get a violation if you go faster than 250 knots below 10,000 feet. You’ll have to base your flight around that.
Also, remember that ATC is there to HELP you. If ATC tells you to switch runways and you feel like you can’t do it, you should go around. ATC will be happy to resequence you in the pattern, and might even give you priority if it’s appropriate to do so.
Hope this helps!

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