can iphone6 run the highest graphics in long flights


i am using my iphone 6 to do long haul flights
for example i just did a klax-yssy few days ago
but can my iphone 6 run smooth with the highest graphics and without low battery mode?


The iPhone 6 hets VERY hot on long flights. Even a 30-minute hop can make it overheat. Could be just me though.


I have done it myself on a 9hr trip when I was doing time lapse, but I do not suggest doing it. Just turn your settings to low during long flights.


If you really want to though, make sure your screen brightness is really low and you have low power on. When the brightness is low, the phone does not overheat a low lot, actually it takes pretty cool.


This is some information on the iPhone 6 taken from Here. Hopefully this should help.


As well as looking at my awesome thread 😉 I’m going to say now that I’d never, ever recommend leaving your device on max graphics on a very long haul flight. Minimise any crashing possibility by reducing the workload on your device. I wouldn’t expect a 6 to run butter smooth anymore either.


Yes but it’ll get vet hot. I suggest turning Down the brightness after takeoff to get around it overheating


I use my 6 for long hauls. I went from jfk to dubai over night with it plugged in. No issues. It only crashes sometimes


So… Not “no issues” then?


My iPhone 6 usually gets the hottest when I’m flying or controlling in busy airspaces. The lag increases exponentially and the device gets pretty hot.

As for long haul flights, my phone handles it pretty well on high graphics, but then again, I just had a new battery installed so maybe that helps.


I have the iPhone 6s and it runs smooth on high settings so surely the iPhone 6 can too


Just put on battery saving mode, it really helps in long hauls to take the stress off your phone… it only works if you dont touch your screen for a while👌🏻👌🏻 btw I’m on Samsung Galaxy s8


This is an oxymoron. Anyways, the best way to find out is to try it yourself. Experience may be worth more than textbook reading of what’s under the hood of the iPhone 6.


Haha miss understanding. It didnt have issues on the flight. Only crashes sometimes when im using the app otherwise


If the IPhone SE can, I think the 6 can as well


One thing that could help is low power mode.


just flew from los angeles to paris CDG with the highest graphics possible and no battery save mode and i made it, as the app didn’t crash