Can Infinite Flight support a HOTAS Side Stick?

Hey, I need help. I am planning on buying a HOTAS Side Stick for Infinite Flight. I am curious if IF can support it. I would love some answers! Thank you.

Check out this post, hope that’s fitting:


This is what I am planning on buying

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It worked very nicely for me and my android tablet.

The only thing is that I could not get the reverse thrust to work because of how the reverse thrust is mapped. I had to map it to a button instead of the throttle.


I have that joystick. Works very well for me!


But does it connect like a normal side stick? Or do you need to buy more usb cables?

(Sorry if I sound stupid)

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If you use an iOS device, you have to run it through you computer using LiveFlight Connect.

If you have an Android device, you need to buy another cable to run it directly to your device.


I have iOS! Thanks!


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