Can infinite flight run on J3 2017 running 9.0?

I was going to buy a used J3 off ebay and i want to see how infinite flight runs on low settings and 2gb ram?

Hey! I’m not really sure how this phone performs on Infinite Flight but this thread should help you find the perfect device!

I’m not sure how much ram IF actually uses. If the RAM’s fine then the bottleneck would be the CPU/GPU. There is an fps indicator in IF that can be turned on now to see what’s wrong.

PS. Low battery mode will limit fps at 10 so do not be alarmed by that.

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Based on the fact it has a pretty weak CPU and the absolute minimum amount of RAM it will likely struggle even on low settings with the quality standards now in Infinite Flight.

If you do buy one - don’t get anything over £150/$200 - its not worth anything more than that really.

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