Can infinite flight run globally

So I’m going to Pakistan and right now I’m living in the UK. I want to get a pro subscription but I fear it won’t work in Pakistan. When I first bought infinite flight it was in Pakistan. My friend told me about it. Now because of global, I’m not exactly sure that infinite flight would work there

Could some one tell me

No he means can he download IF while in Pakistan IRL

@IanInferno50 I believe you can download IF in Pakistan but not 100% sure

As long as you have a stable internet connection in Pakistan, you will be able to play/use Infinite Flight.
There are lots of folks from Pakistan that play IF without any problems. ;)

Thank you very much
The thing is that I initially bo7ght infinite flight in Pakistan. I am thinking of buying the pro subscription here in the UK and play it in Pakistan too

Thanks you so much I thought you couldn’t play global in Pakistan, then you reminded me about the people flying Pakistan

Yes it’s possible to fly pretty much anywhere as long as there is a string internet connection. You may struggle for this reason.

I know FDS does block purchases from some countries but you can get around this by purchasing a playstore/appstore card for the required cost.

I will be purchasing IFP here in the Uk

Don’t worry I’ve got a decent wifi speed their

If You buy in the UK, You can play anywhere with a good internet connection.

If you can’t download use vpn in Pakistan

Yeah, I might because Spotify doesn’t work there
It will slow down the network but I’ll manage

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