Can Infinite Flight have better scenery?

Hello I was woundering since I know this is a huge change from google scenery to bing scenery is this possible let me know!

Credit to Almay!


i dont think so

Hi, @AviatorRyan. 👋

In theory, yes, Infinite Flight could have better scenery. However, unfortunately, scenery is extremely expensive, and covering the entire earth in Google/Bing/Yahoo imagery would cost a fortune. Not to mention, I don’t think those companies sell their imagery in the way Infinite Flight needs it.

If you’d like to support having better scenery in IF, feel free to check out the topic below.

Thanks I’ll check it out!

Yes, I think we will be having good sceneries but this will take time. As we all know there are many things lined up along with Project metal.

Like we have 3D airports and the number of 3D airports are increasing as we are getting regular updates and that too so fast.

So let’s hope for the best.




cool will do thx guys!

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