Can Infinite Flight add real weather?

can infinite flight weather
because it would be good for
videos to fly like Rain and snow
it would be great to know. either way, can infinite flight do it?

We have real weather. Just not precipitation

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wow such a shame


Well clouds are comming


now thats good to know!


A bunch of weather is in the planning for the future. We are working on it, however until then you will need to deal with our current weather. We have wind, fog, and other basic weather. We also can recreate hurricanes using real weather data. In due time, you will be able to fly against rain and lightning.

love it all, hope it would be good ;)

i’m just wondering if infinite flight will recreate the water

In addition to what @Mattheus has stated above, I recommend you check out the feature request below that is requesting a precipitation feature to be added, as it’d be a very nice addition to the game, but it’d probably take a while to implement at this moment in time, as Infinite Flight is now entering the “cloud phase”. Hopefully sooner or later with the addition of clouds, they’ll implement some type of precipitation, but this could be limited now due to how capable our devices currently are.

but global is out and it has not change
tho the water planes and skys

Well, keep in mind we are on a mobile platform. Mobile devices do not have the best capability for running high definition games. If you want one of the most realistic experiences, get a good computer and invest in X-Plane 11. Until devices can run games better, we are kind of limited to what we can do on the platform.


i would but my pc keeps getting a BSOD when i run X-plane 11
(extra) and my computor hard drive is bad

X-Plane 11 requires a good operating system. Sadly mobile devices don’t have the greatest operating systems, so we are pretty limited to what we can do. However, that has not stopped from the devs from coming as close as possible to realistic within the constrictions of mobile game development. We should give them credit for what they have done, rather than what they have not. Trust me, the devs work hard and play hard. They have lives and can’t develop every minute of their lives on features people want.


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