Can IFC send notifications?

Sorry if this is the wrong category but i wasnt sure if i should put this in general or here. It kind of has to do with IFC but also kinda not :)

I have lately found myself missing a bunch of tracking thread openings and invites for flights. Is there a way to get notifications from IFC? But direct notifiactions, not on my email, dont want to spam it.

I believe the Discourse Hub app will do just that for your mobile device.

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Ok ill download the discourse hub app

If you want ATC tracking thread specific notifications, after downloading the app, set the ATC category to 1st notification to get those or watching

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The discourse hub app does send notifications. Just make sure that when you open the app for the first time, you select the allow button for notifications. But, if you want notifications for the ATC category head over to the settings page and enable all notifications for the ATC category. An alternative is to go to all topics and set the topic to watching. That can be time consuming though.


you can get emails by clicking on your name and going to preferences, emails, and then toggle the setting there

I know, but i dont that since i dont check email that much, and i dont want to spam my email

Also mods can close this. Thanks for the info everyone

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