Can IFATC report a user when not controlling?

I was just having a casual read through the ATC Manual when I saw this comment at the bottom of page 1A.3.

And it made me curious because obviously IFATC can report a user when controlling but the wording suggests they can also report when not controlling and say just sitting at the airport (i.e at a gate)/flying?

No, IFATC members cannot report as a pilot. Only IFATC Supervisors, Moderators and staff are able to


Normal apprentices-officers cannot report while flying, no.
(Panther beat me)


Ah ok. Makes sense. Personally I think they should be able to report a user if they aren’t controlling just in case the controlling IFATC doesn’t notice something…I dunno just a theory…

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Btw, this isn’t granted to all IFATC users as it’s very easy to abuse the system. Also, we wouldn’t want members to join simply because they will have the power to report whenever they please.

Time for my cliché statement of the day:

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”