Can IF run on an iPod touch? If so how well?

Hello, can IF run on an iPod touch? If so how well? The iPod is IOS 12.4.6 but it is so small. So I am not sure how well it will run. I also have an iPad that is IOS 9.3.5 so that is out of the question. That is why I turn to my iPod touch. If anyone could help me out that would be great. Thank you IFC!


It will probably be able to run it at low to medium settings. Don’t forget it only has 1gb of ram.

The new one? The A12 should handle it just fine, and continue to for a while, but older ones might struggle…

It is 2017 I think, iPod touch 6th generation.

You might have to put your graphics settings at low-medium.

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Will it run on iPod nano?


@Luke_King-kong, the iPod touch 6th gen uses an A8 processor chip, which is still a fairly capable chip.


Just be aware that newer planes can really chock it up.

So that’s got the A8, still a capable chip, but I have an iPad with that chip, so fairly comparable, if we want to get technical the iPad has a higher thermal envelope so it can push the chip harder for longer, but then again the iPad has more pixels to push, either way it is still a good comparison, I can play fine on medium graphics, get some lag, limit frame rate on, but it works. Newer planes will really chock it up, but with low there fine. If your not expecting great graphics it will work, not much more, but sometimes that’s all you need 🤷🏻‍♂️


No, to my knowledge that was like the Apple TV where it was an iOS based software, but lacked almost all the functions, not to mention that the iPod nano probably has the same processor as your toaster…

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This isn’t right, I will protest this and I will win!

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Low - Medium graphics, okay. Thank you.

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Maybe a magnifying glass as well :rofl:

Well the 7th generation was the best with 64mb of ram, and an audio processor (not dissimilar to something that would be attached to the processor in your phone to handle audio tasks if the processor doesn’t just do that itself) with a little spec bump to handle an extremely pared down version of iOS, with a little bit of iPod OS DNA mixed in, so I don’t think the software is your main problem 😂


I’m guessing a 6th generation could run it on lower settings. I’m sure a 7th generation would run it just fine. I use an iphone 7 and the newest ipod touch shares the A10 fusion chip with it. A lot of the other hardware such as the GPU and processor are similar also.

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Would you not just update your iPad?

It cannot update any further. It is really old. iPad 2nd generation

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I used a iPod 6 for 2300 hours of my flight time and let me say it was simple. I fact I am down grading to a iPod 7th generation to fly because I don’t want to ruin my iPhone 8 with all the flying I have done. But the iPod 6 is a bit old so and had 1GB of ram by the iPod 7th gen had 2GB of ram. (I will still use my iPhone 8 sometimes but it is easier to communicate with VAs and friends during flying with my phone instead of a iPod so I am switching devices for communication purposes)

My iPod is fine, just because it only has 1GB RAM it is quick to crash :(

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No, it will not run on the iPod nano. Not only does the nano not have a compatible operating system, but you can’t download any apps on it.

If you are talking about the iPod Touch 7th generation, the A10 Fusion chipset should be able to smoothly run Infinite a Flight with relatively high graphics settings. I am not sure if anti-aliasing would work properly, and even if it does you could notice some frame rate drop. The 2019 iPod Touch also has 2GB of ram which may be a factor to consider as well, because for more money the iPhone SE has the A13 Bionic (and 4GB of ram) which will definitely run Infinite Flight on maxed-out graphics with no lag whatsoever.