Can IF open it's borders on the map to non pro users?

I was wondering is there any chance that we can fly globally in solo mode without pro subscription?

That would defeat the point of having IF Pro


well true that

I mean, yeah they could, but why would they? It’s a wee bit counterproductive and unfair to those who actually do pay.

And since humans are humans, no one is going to pay for something that other people get for free, and so the entire system collapses. No more IF 🙃


Well by limiting the airports? I think.

The airports are already limited to regions

It would be absolutely pointless to do so, as IF wouldn’t make any more money, causing a closure of the company. There is still 1000+ airports in a free sub.


They can. They choose not to. That’s what Pro is for.

What I mean is users can fly from
San Francisco - Amsterdam
Chicago - Sydney
but with the only limited regions existed.

Than that’s a different problem than global

If you previously bought London, Paris and Amsterdam region I believe you can fly between them through a narrow corridor but to be honest a IF Pro account works out at 21p a day which is more than reasonable


There’s not much difference actually. You’ll get tired of flying the same routes over and over. And it’s still giving something that people pay for to other people for free.

Well that answers my question.

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