Can I use VNAV for step climbing?

I was doing a flight today, and I put in step climbing
and I did a experiment, I looked at my VNAV, and it said 4:00
then I took all of my step climbing out, and for my STAR
vnav said 5:50
does this mean I can use it for Step climbing?
I know that we can’t with SIDS yet, but for Step Climbing…

Not really, VNAV is not currently available for any kind of climb

Not at the moment, it’s currently only for decents. But they said that it’ll be used for climbs in a later update

Hey! At the moment VNAV is only available for decent. Sometime in the future it will be implemented for climb. Hope this helps!

No, not at the moment, however IF-Assistant’s VNAV has the ability to Step Climb!


when do you think it will be added? 20.2?

We repeat the same answer four times. Is one answer not enough already?

Nobody knows.

We never know…
However I hope and believe it will eventually get implemented in around 1-2 years.

that is a pretty long time

I don’t know. I said the maximum in my opinion.

Where is VNAV for step climbing in IF Assistant?

It is in the Alerts / NAV tab at the bottom.
When you enter a flight + FPL, you will se your waypoints on that tab and will be able to select speed/altitude.

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VNAV is only available for decending, not climbing at the moment.

I think we had enough answers for that question already ;)

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