Can I use two devices

Hi I’m wondering can I use two devices on the same IF account, because I would like to fly on my iPad and phone too.

As long as you fly on different servers, yes.


No problem at all.


Ok thank you

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I use 2 devices all the time, both my iPhone and my iPad. One on Training and the other on Expert.

You can I have an IFC account on my phone and Chromebook

For example, am I able to fly on one device, let’s say casual server, and on another device, practice ATC on the training server at the same time? I’ve been thinking about trying this for a while now.

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No problem.

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Sweet, thank you!

Oh no i thought you were talking about IFC accounts

Nah, I was just checking if it was even possible to use 2 devices at the same time: one for flying, one for ATC both on different servers. Might as well practice ATC while I’m in cruise.

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