Can I use a VR headset for Infinite Flight?

So I have a VR headset for my iPhone and it came with a Bluetooth controller. I don’t know if it’s possible to link them together. Any help? Thanks😁

This probably isn’t the place to ask the question however I’ll help. What headset do you have

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Bit pushy, no? @First_Officer_Lee

On topic now. As far as my knowledge VR is not really a thing within IF. I’ll stand corrected if there’s a method though. I haven’t really seen a way of camera movement along with the movement of the device.


As a company, what do you seek to continue giving the attention as one of the top flight simulators on mobile. Do you plan on continuing to expand? Do you have plans for the many years ahead? Are you waiting for the software and devices to improve before adding new features?

In other words: Do you think you’ll continue as a company for the many years to come? (Say like 1 or 2 decades) Do you think you’ll keep adding new technology not seen in a simulator on mobile if not PC before, and do you think as time goes on you’ll expand to a more large staff team, opening more opportunities for the great editors and designers already out in our community?

“I’m not thinking that far ahead. I’d like to see buildings and weather at some point. Then we have all the main blocks. It’s just going to be about improving each of them iteratively. One thing I’m waiting for is VR. I think VR is the perfect medium for flight simulators. Apple needs to build one though as all the other attempts had too much friction to get started.”

– Laura from Trio’s ‘Ask Me Anyhting’. This was my question.


It isn’t a powered headset, you just watch ver vídeos by sitting your phone inside. I highly doubt the headset will work, it’s mainly the controller I was curious about. It’s called an apachie vr headset same name for the controller too.

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