Can I use a PS4 controller for Infinite Flight

WAIT WHAT? I didn’t know that! I thought you could just use an adapter to connect it to your phone/iPad/android

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Well, in theory you can connect a peripheral such as a Thrustmaster via your Android’s charging port. (I say in theory because I’ve never owned an Android)

Apple, on the other hand, is far more restrictive with this kind of stuff. To make a peripheral other than a Bluetooth controller work (such as a Thrustmaster), you need to plug it into a PC running a joystick API service such as LiveFlight Connect or MapConnect while having both the Apple device and the PC on the same network. Oh, and don’t forget, the API option in settings in Infinite Flight needs to be on for this to work.

As for alternatives to traditional peripherals, there’s an app on the App Store (sorry Android fellas) called “Fly-By-Wire” that enables you to use your phone… as a joystick. You’d need two Apple devices for this to work, and you also need the API option to be on.

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Yeah me neither. I play on iPhone X

But that makes sense.

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