Can I transfer Infinite Flight on Andriod from Apple without buying Infinite Flight again?

Hello there!
I recently bought a Samsung S9 but before that I had an iPhone SE, when I was using my SE I had
Infinite Flight bought from the app store on my older IOS phones. Now that I have an Android, I was wondering if I could somehow transfer Infinite Flight from my SE just like it did with the previous iPhones so I don’t have to purchase it again. Keep in mind that I also bought in-app purchases as well before global so I was wondering how I could transfer that data as well.

If anyone could help then that would be great.



Unfortunately not.


But i think you only need to buy the game again! Log in with your old Account

If he’s got a PRO subscription, yes. But that won’t transfer previously purchased items from when we had that.

So basically, if you bought planes without pro, you won’t get them back, but if you had a pro account, you get the account? Just clarifying

Yes. PRO accounts are not tied to platform.

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Negative brother unless you’ve subscribed to Pro in that case you can.