Can I Transfer Aircraft From One Itunes Account To The Other?

Hello! I use an Ipad mini and an Iphone for Infinite Flight. Unfortunately, I have each device signed in under a different Itunes account. I have purchased aircraft on both accounts. Is there any way to transfer the aircraft from one account to the other.



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Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer purchases between multiple Apple IDs.


Can I sign out of one of the apple ID’s and sign into the other and then press “restore purchases” then transfer the aircraft?

There’s your answer. Although, I do believe that your live subscription can be carried through different Apple Id’s as it is made through the use of Facebook and Google and such. (Correct me if I’m wrong on that).

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You can do that, but you shall only get the aircraft of the second account and not the first account

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So there is absolutely no way to transfer aircraft from one account to the other?

No there is no way, two Apple ID’s represents two users.

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It probably won’t work. When you press on the restore purchases button, it checks if you have bought the specific in-app purchase with the Apple ID you’re logged-in to.

Absolutely correct. :)

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Ok! Thank You everybody! :)

If anybody gets any new information, please PM me! :)

The best thing to do as of now is wait for a mod or a staff member’s response. They might ask you to prove your ownership of both accounts before they give you access to the aircraft you have already purchased on your previous account, but don’t hold me to it, I don’t even know if that can be done. I am just presuming that one of them would have the power to do so.

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Thank You So Much For The Help! :)

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No problem, one solution I can suggest for any issue like this is to buy the “live +” subscription. Not only does it give you access to every region and every plane, but it can be used on any account and device as long as you use the same login, hence it’s popularity amongst the members.

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Resolved! :)