Can I suspend my subscription for a week?

So, I got ghosted very unjustly and the mods refused to remove my violations. I am not going to fly in Training server and if I am not going to fly for a week I want to suspend my subscription for this time, is that possible?

No can do! Unfortunately, this is unavailable, will just have to wait it out, my friend. :p

So I am wasting money for a week I cannot fly

You can still fly, you have the Training and Casual Server available

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There is no agreement in your subscription for access to the Expert Server. The guarantee is that you can access a live server. You can fly…whether you choose to do so is entirely on you.


There’s nothing wrong with training server…
If you feel like your ghosting is unfair contact the controller and prove them wrong with your playback

The mods are good, if there was a legit reason for removing the ghost , such as a system issue, then they would have removed it. However if it is down to pilot error then it will stand.

Flying in Training server is not fun