Can I Still Buy Regions?

I was interested in buying the Hawai’i or Caribbean region, but it seems like I can’t. I look at regions in Solo, but nothing appears around the two areas.


This is on the old IF (Non-Global)?

If so, then I believe that you cannot buy regions anymore or if you can, then maybe reset your app (Close it and open it again) and try to buy it again

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Are You on the Old Version Not Global of infinite flight? If your not IF Pro has the whole world
but the old version you can still buy regions since global cannot run on old devices

As everyone else has said,
What version of IF are you using?

I think he means he has latest update but not pro and wants to buy extra regions.

Sadly I’m not sure you can unlock more regions unless you subscribe to pro.


I have the updated version, so I guess it’s impossible to buy new regions?

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Correctemundo! If you have pro, then you get the globe and live :)

Nope, not anymore. Since the global update all regions are over internet.

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