Can I Still Be A Pilot?

Hey guys I have this question that’s been killing me. The answer determines my entire life plan. Can I still be a commercial pilot (working airlines such as Air China, or cargo corporations FedEx and UPS) even with both hearing and vision loss? I mean, I heard that you can be a pilot so long your vision is corrected but that’s only for people with only vision loss… I have both vision and hearing loss, can I still become a commercial pilot, even perhaps reaching ranks of Captain?? This question has been bugging me since my discovery of Aviation. The sources I find about this are really unclear about the answer. Can you guys please cite your sources when you come with the answer? Thanks a bunch


Im not sure I have dislexia and colorblindnes I would also love to be a pilot but can I🤷🏼‍♂️ But always remember follow your dreams!

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Each country might have its own requirements, knowing which you are living in would help us do the research.

I’m not sure about hearing but there are plenty of pilots that have glasses. Although it may depend on your airline that you choose, some allow it, some straight up don’t, and some do but it only matters how bad your vision is. I recommend searching on google

I would get a hold of your local AME and check in with them.

Aviation Medical Examiner) just in case you didn’t know


Thanks @Dart Probably should of wrote the entire wording out it =)

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I recommend this if you live here into the US.

If your conditions do not further worsen or deteriorate, then you may qualify for a document known as a SODA (Statement Of Demonstrated Ability). This is for folks who have conditions that would disqualify them from obtaining a standard First, Second, or Third Class medical. More info can be found on the website that is linked below:

I do know of a few folks who had a slight degree of colorblindness and they were able to ride with an examiner and prove that red is red, green is green, yellow is yellow, white is white, and so forth. So its possible. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. You’re doing the right thing by hunting for the information.


Alright thanks a lot man! Now I can go into an aviation college with a lot more confidence! :)

May I ask, how severe is the hearing lose?
If your vision is correctable with glasses or contacts then that shouldn’t be a problem. But it has to be correctable to a certain point. One thing that the FAA requires for Class 1 is that you have to have a back up set at all times while flying. It is also recommended that you do not get corrective surgery if you want to be a pilot.

Why is it recommended to not get corrective eye surgery if you want to be a pilot?

I think it might have something to do with night vision. A risk of laser surgery, for example, is that you lose your night vision. This obviously would be unacceptable for a pilot to lack.

The corrective surgery come at a great risk. They can cause “blind spots” in your field of vision. Now, for a regular person, these blind spots wouldn’t be a big deal, but for a Pilot they can be a problem. And like @Reedgreat, it can also affect your night vision. Now, this is not always the case and a lot of people do not have a problem after the surgery but most professional pilots and AME’s will tell you to just wait till after you retire. Why risk it if you don’t have to, you know.

If your country/airline(s) don’t allow you to become a pilot for those certain reasons, then you could try and go for an international airline that flies to your country. For instance many people from western countries work on Emirates with flights that go to their countries. Although I am jut using that as an example mainly because I’m not sure why they work on Emirates and not their own airline. I hope you achieve your wish and good luck! 👍😉🙂

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