Can I return the old version to buy the plane?

Good developers of infinity.I want to know a problem: Android devices back to version 19.3,and buy the plane separately, is that ok?Finally, go back to the latest version.
If you can, can you give me an answer?
If not, please forgive my impracticality.😂

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We don’t officially support downgrading, and individual aircraft/region purchases were discontinued years ago. Sorry!


Is it feasible to buy the e-jet family? 😂

As mentioned, aircraft purchases can’t be made as they were discontinued several years ago.


Actually there is a method to downgrading IF to an old version you just need to jailbreak your device (IOS only). And If you’re planning to buy planes one by one by using the old version Idk if it will work lol.

It will not work. Even if you’re able to install an old version, we no longer support them (meaning that the purchases will not work and you won’t be able to download the files) :)


Only second hand I’m afraid. If you want aircraft in excellent condition, used only for 7 years and weren’t grounded during the pandemic, make me an offer!

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My device is Android😂