Can I request taxi to parking from another parking spot

If I were at a remote stand or maintenance hanger and I wanted to go to the terminal would it annoy ATC if I requested taxi from maintenance over to the gate?


Yes, it may, as it is potentially unnecessary. You can always spawn at the gate.

However it is at controllers discretion (although I think I’d get annoyed if it was very busy.)


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It shouldn’t annoy ATC if you decided to do this on a quieter airport. If it is busy such as a FNF and on the Expert Server, it’s probably best to spawn in to the gate you wish to taxi to the runway from at the start, as there will be a look of traffic going to and from the runway.


I’ve wondered this question too. As IFATC, I’d be very confused it a pilot requests taxi to parking from their gate. As a pilot, I understand why you’d want to do this. But to be honest, I don’t know if it is currently possible with the ATC commands we have at our disposal.

Edit: After conversing with a few IFATC members, it seems to be okay to request this, as long as the airport is calm. Basically, use common sense.


What if you are at a hard stand because the gates are full and trying to move in or holding on the taxiways nearby. Should you request again or just wait for someone to move? I have had this be an incident while flying for a VA where I am trying to park but can’t.

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Do you mean that every available gate is full, so you have no gate free to park at?

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Yes that is what I mean typically the Caribbean and island nations of the pacific that isnt hawaii

If that is the case and IFATC is active, they shouldn’t be allowing any more arrivals until departure gates have cleared or if approach is active they may place you in a hold.

Either way, you shouldn’t really be holding on taxiways even if they do it in real life as we don’t really have the appropriate commands as controllers to execute this properly.


OK thanks for the info I mean it isn’t really their fault if people spawn in after the landings but it does seem really exclusive to the island airports and a select few smaller but well known feature airports.

I’ve done this plenty if times! As soon as the region change happens, I spawn in at the maintenance hanger, and request taxi to parking to pick up passengers.

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I do this fairly often at hubs, because I have a no “teleportation” policy of starting a flight where I ended the last one, so between long haul legs, I do end up repositioning to the maintenance ramp for a few hours.
Just a standard call for push without a runway request, then a request taxi to parking, and when I get to the ramp, Obviously a quick thank you.


Normally it should be available because it exists IRL. But for a healthy game flowing, i don’t recommend it.

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Similar happened to me once and I was really confused as the guy wasn’t going where I expected. I later found out the guy was going to a de-icing bay to sit for a bit followed by taxi to runway. I was like “what is this lunatic doing”.
Later came across a post in the forum asking how he should go about doing such things.


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