Can I request an airport for expert ATC to go to?

I want the ATC to come to pvd, but I just want to ask if it is okay for me to request this.

What server?

Expert. (Fill)

You will have to check the schedule for the Expert Server.

IFATC will not come off this list. So you are unable to request for IFATC service on Expert. Although they do pock an event sometimes to be featured on the IFATC Schedule

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You should check this.

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I have seen the atc schedule, I was just asking if I could request an airport for atc.

Unfortunately I don’t think you can. I am not 100% sure though.

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Okay thanks.

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No problem. I think a moderator can close this. :)

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The airports that controllers control on the Expert Server have been defined and limited to those specific airports listed in the topic pinned to the forum. Thanks for the understanding!