Can I report ATC?

I was at KLAX in an A330 Swiss 857. The ATC person on departure was LethalFN (IF account, not community account.) I had just taken off and tuned into the departure frequency. I has just requested vectors to San Francisco after checking in. I was told to maintain 3,000ft even though I was at 10,000ft and do left-turn go-arounds even though there were no planes around me. After that, they said to expect vectors to San Diego. Even though destination was San Francisco! With all that over, I requested a climb to FL310 multiple times. but ATC didn’t respond. When I requested vectors to the right place, they vectors me to San Diego again. Then ATC didn’t respond to me, and responded to almost no one. I almost ran into a mountain due to the bad vectoring. This happened on Training server and the departure person was LethalFN. (Not IFC account). This happened around 1130 Zulu time. If you can help please do.

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Sorry for spelling errors.

was this on expert server?

Training server.

Then there’s not a lot that we can do. It’s called training server for a reason. :(


Unfortunately you can’t do anything about it as everyone is learning on TS

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Sorry, whatever happens on Training server is what it is: Training.

These people use ATC services to train, hence training server. Not all ATC in TS will be accurate, some even troll.

If it was in Expert, it would have been a different story.
You can avoid these inconveniences by getting your grade up to 3 and joining us in Expert Server and you’ll get realistic ATC services :)

I’d also suggest avoiding LAX, it’s where most people go for ATC and just to fly in general. Same with JFK, but a not as worse as LAX.


Thanks for the info guys, I am grade 3 but reckoned I would do a TS flight. I guess I’ll just fly Expert next time. And again, thanks!


Training, ATC aren’t generally good over there.

Avoid EGLL too, that’s a monstrosity of ATC’s which are in-experienced


Also it’s not wise to ask for vectors out of the controller’s range. On ES the ATC will vector you to the correct direction / destination.

But since it’s TS…

I reckon only flight following would do.

Yes I know it’s for VFR and GA aircraft


Thanks for recommendations guys!

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Yep, I agree. I asked once and lets say I could’ve crashed.


My best advice would be to monitor any #atc Tracking Threads. The service would be a lot more realistic.

Specially avoid West Coast approach on training server. They try to get you to mountains to see how good pilot you are. Not all of them but happened to me once by troll. :)

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I’m sure many times, people open frequencies to just see what it’s all about. They send a few commands, trying to navigate the UI, and are not really trying to control the airspace.

Just take it with a grain of salt. If you get someone that isn’t giving commands that make any sense just fly away.

Having said that, there are many controllers on TS that are very good, so when you’re in their airspace, follow their instructions. It’s good for you and them.


Well said. A lot of people forget that there still are those good controllers that exist.

Possibly try to fly from airports where people have an open tracking thread and some of them might know what they are doing

TSATC is also a good option :)


If you think the Atc is so bad or trolling, you are not obliged to obey them. Once, one of them tried to make me crash. This is possible for TS of course. At ES you have to obey and Atcs are well educated.

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It is possible that if an Training server ATC is trolling while he is controlling, then you can screenshot his details and send it to The moderators. They will be able to look into it