Can I report ATC on Expert server?

I was flying near PHNL, but I was approaching to land PHJR.
The active ATC, PHNL keep telling me to contact with him, even though I was not heading to PHNL.
I was on PHJR unicom, and I think I made no mistake.

I contacted PHNL and requested frequency change, but he told me to stay on his frequency, and what’s more, he said he is going to report me if I do not follow his instructions.

I think even on Expert Server, sometimes the Tower make mistake.
Are there anyway that I can report the Tower?
(I know the Tower can report or ghost pilots if they do things wrong)


Since PHJR is under PHNL airspace, communication would be required with the latter’s controller in order to ensure you’re either transitioning at an approved altitude or monitored properly while conducting your final approach.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss more about the controller, message me.

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PM the atc, ask what he would have wanted you to do.

How would ATC actually clear you for descending below transition altitude? There is no way to state intention or anything.

Not actually sure what you’re meant to do here either.

I once had tower pass me over to approach in a similar situation, who when I checked in with ghosted me for spamming - clearly too busy to vector me to the other airport I was going to so still not sure what I was to do in that situation either.

I had the same question a couple of years ago about landing at an airport that’s in controlled airspace here is the link and the help I received.

If you have to fly over/around the towered airport:

  • Contact tower and request a transition
  • Once you’re on the other side of the towered airport, clear of traffic, and ready to descend, request a frequency change.

If you don’t have to fly over the controlled tower:

  • Tune into tower frequency
  • If they ask your intentions, ask for transition
  • Once you’re ready to descend, ask for a frequency change.

Make sure your flight plan is set to the airport you want to land at. This is the best way to let tower know where you are going.

Please also note this is a VFR procedure. Looking for and avoiding traffic is your responsibility.


What if the landing airport is within towered airspace (eg. KSEA tower and landing at KBFI?)

MaxSez: Now Let’s get this straight, PHNL Tower had no business interfering with an an aircraft filed and inbound to PHJR. PHNL’s Towers Controlled Airspace is the inner ring/circle of PHNL only. The PHNL Tower Controller is not Radar capable nor may he act in an Approach capacity. This problem only exists as an adhoc manipulation of procedure when a station is undermanned (Tower Only) and is unacceptable.


It’s the 5 by 5 rule. All airport’s airspace in Infinite Flight are a 5nm radius around and 5000ft AAL above the airport. If you intend on passing through that airspace you’ll need to request a transition from KSEA tower, after transitioning the controller will hand you off to the KBFI’s Unicom/Tower frequency to land.


But KBFI is inside the 5nm radius of KSEA.

Majority of the approach is not, but you’d still need to ask for a transition if you intended on flying through the airspace.

Edit: You can always just completely go around the entire KSEA 5nm radius of the airport and land at KBFI without ever entering the airspace.

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I am not sure of the procedures in infinite flight. play it safe and follow ATC instructions and I know in real life as long as you do not enter the HNL class bravo airspace you do not need to contact HNL tower

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Erm, no. You just got an answer from an IFATC trainer and tester…


Three did technically, we all just said it differently. Thought I’d thrown that in to help.

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