Can i refund my 1 month purchased?

i have an issue for purchasing 1 month because of purchasing it twice at the same time… i already sent here a message, post, and i already email this report and send everything for me to proof that i purchased 2 months… and still i have no replies… should i stop it and quit or wait? If not… can i still refund my one month registration?

Contact @david


no don’t do that… contact David

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Please send proof that you purchased it twice?

Some people like to Purchase 30 Days of Live and then when it runs out, they Refund it so they have another month of free live.


why would he need to purchase it twice?

is this an ongoing problem?

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because of some bugs i encountered… here at picture you can see two cancelled purchased and two sucessful purchased… it was my first time to encounter this kind of issue so i just try to purchased again that it might be fixed

sorry, but I have no idea :/

As I said above, contact David as that is the best option. Sorry

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I already did but still no reply… sadly i can’t play live today it kills me :(:(:(

Its ok … you can see above same date same purchased Nov 1:(

I woke up morning and i thought my another one month purchased is already applied automatically… he fixed my first issue… but the expired date indicates dec 2 that it must be Jan 2… someone just said that i just have to wait after my 1 month paid will expired (Nov 2 to Dec 2) so i try to log in today but It only says no subscription found :(

This is easily solved by purchasing Live+ instead.

I really want too but… it’s not easy when you enter an Aeronautical Mechanics school especially when you budget your daily allowances :(

Since we already had a PM going there’s no need to also continue with this thread. It only confuses things and give others the wrong impressions. Your subscription is activated. Have fun. :)