Can I Reconnect Back Through A Flight Or Not

I Was Flying And Came Back But im doing a long haul flight and it say disconnect for network error but can i reconnect but i dont want want to get out of the app

I’ve tried it, the device will probably reconnect.

how long will it take

It usually doesn’t take too long, depending on the network speed.

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Hello if it disconnected due to a short wifi outage it will reconnect it wont take longer then a minute after your wifi reconnects

Sometimes it works and it reconnects fairly quick, sometimes it doesn’t.

There are no guarantees and no “fixes”. Stable internet connection is recommended, as well as always staying in the app at all times.


it been 20 min i had something from apple and and i got out of it but it said disconnect

Then it sounds like this is one of those times that you cannot complete your flight and it wont reconnect

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bloody hell i was doing YPPH To EGLL

Its not a total lost You will get the XP and flight hours From the time you were connected on the network but anytime after that i don’t believe so