Can I please speak to the ATC of OTHH ground op

There is a reason I asked to taxi to parking and it was not to takeoff.


I would also like to speak to an admin

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Please contact @Chitown as they are currently controlling at OTHH.


@Christian_Richardson good luck :)

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Who can I contact about sending a video over for the admin

The controller will contact you shortly in regards to this. If you want to send your replay to an admin then your best bet would be Tyler as he is the IFATC Manager. His email is

You can send him the replay if you wish to dispute the ghosting, but I would wait until the controller gets in contact with you once they are done controlling to explain further.


Iā€™m not disputing the ghosting but the ATC error

I will contact you when I am done controlling. Thanks.

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Ok thank you sir

Controller will contact you via PM. If theres anything else, feel free to reach out to me or another mod.