Can i play infinite flight on a iphone 6 plus whithout lag?

I have a question. I’m planning to buy an iPhone 6 plus!
But can I play IF without any lag on that phone?
Or can I better buy any other phone or tablet for around that price?

Hello! You should definitely be able to play on your iPhone 6.

But to avoid lag, we recommend you lower your settings for graphics and airplane count if Live. That should smoothen things out.

Are you having issues on both Solo & Live? Anymore details you can provide us?


I would recommend you another phone (not Apple/IOS). But as one of the mods said, you can play it on the iPhone 6/+.

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I would disagree (We can take this to a PM if you wish) because the 6 is is more powerful than that of an Android.

No need to repeat what’s already been said or argue the device model.


Also, to answer your question: I would recommend you the OnePlus 5/T. It is around the same price and it is one of the best flagships out there. It is also the best price/performance phone you can get currently.

The question is if he can play on an iPhone 6 Plus without lag, not what is the best kind of device to use when playing Infinite Flight.

I believe that’s what he is also asking for.

I have an iPad Air (1st generation) that runs with full settings. Not sure how because it’s the minimum specs available.

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If you don’t want to spend money just set your rendering graphics to medium until your up at your cruise altitude or just set the plane to medium although this may still have some lag.

Read that what @Bryant_Lol wrote.

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Android is an OS. Not a phone…

I do sometimes play IF on a 6 and it runs smoothly most of the times. I think it’ll be an ok choice.

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Android OS’s tend to stick to less powerful phones

e.g motorola and samsungs

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My iPhone SE works like a champ. Never had issues. I’d imagine the 6 will work great.

How much RAM does it have?

It has 1GB of RAM. (The iPhone 6 and the plus version)

I just bought the SE. Good to hear it can work :)

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My 7 has 2g and it performes ok but I clear ram with “memory disk cleaner” every flight hour. 1g might struggle, but lowered graphic settings would help.

I know all that stuff lol xD @Flexi123000 was asking, not me xD

Guys, seriously!

20 posts, most of them completely irrelevant and the original poster haven’t even replied… Chill!