Can i play in windows?

its work for windows now ?

Can you please elaborate on your question? Thanks!
Welcome back by the way!

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No, Infinite Flight is for mobile devices only. Some have had luck with emulators but emulators is not supported.


I’ve tried it on emulators before. I won’t recommend it as most functions don’t work.

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i mean
Can Infinite Flight be played on emulators now?


yes, but i would advise you not too, they are really bad.

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You can. But lots of functions (like controlling your speed, gears etc) don’t work and it’s not officially supported.

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As @Chris_S said, the game is made to be played on mobile devices, so I would recommend staying away from emulators etc. and sticking to what the game is made to be played on!

It does not work on emulators at the moment.