Can i pay for infinte flight with out using apple

so i turned 18 a beter part of a year ago but i still use my old apple acount which is linked to my mums, my mum has had some finaciall difficulties recently in which ive been surporting her. but due to apple family’s restrictions i cant add my own card to pay for apple store products. is there a way i can charge my card directly? it would be a shame for me not to be able to continue infinte flight as i have been on bed rest since december due to my health and this has been the only thing ive been doing the whole time.

any tips?

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Hey there! Im so sorry to hear about your ongoing issues. However, on iPhone there isn’t any way of buying the subscription without going through the app store or buying it in game with your card. You can also buy a gift card and use it in the app store. Let me know if you need help with that, would be happy to help.