Can I open the emergency door?

Emergency door operation


I have a question that I hope we start some casual but pressing debate.

I have always wondered, The emergency doors, like the overawing exits for example. If I am sat in the escape row, next to the door, we are taxing, doors are armed and I try open the door Not that I would, naturally the aircraft is on the ground, but pressurised?

Would the door open ? what would happen in the cabin ? what is meant by pressurised ?

At what point would I be unable to open that overawing exit ?


The cabin will become decompressed.


What would that look like?

So Far there have been no incident about Emergency Door, Because of the fact that you can’t open doors at higher altitude due to the air pressure. And after the aircraft being pressurised, the doors can’t be opened by anyone unless they decompress the aircraft


Thanks mate, this is what always made me wonder then. What if the plane lands in an emergency, pilots become incapacitated? cannot the doors be opened?

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In the Federal Express Flight 1406 case as example, They had to decompress the cabin first before opening the door. If they can’t, They can’t get out from the aircraft

Check the story from 6:31


Interesting visit, scares me to think, what If the pilots simply couldn’t decompress.

Then your out of luck probably. If the situation is so serious you cant decompress then sadly i think theres not much hope

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Thats what I thought Matt, it seems a bit crazy really. I know in the 747, the purser has an office, can they manually decompress from there?!

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Well altitude has a major factor with that. On the ground, you won’t see a difference but you will feel it. Now if flying, of course if the door gets open, loose items might fly out.(will feel a major difference in pressure)Then the aircraft will go into a deep stall or a more likely aerodynamic stall and depending on how far, fast, and angle the aircraft is going, the plane will just scatter everywhere.< I dont want to get in to detail

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So once on the ground, the doors should just open?

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Usually, This case only happens if the plane suffered metal fatigue like CI611 and other things due to the G-Forces

@LouDon16 Still, You can’t leave before the aircraft gets depresurrized CMIIW.

No, some pressure has to bleed out for a couple minutes I believe.

Quite scary this isn’t it!!

I forgot about metal fatigue.

Take this clown for example !


This has happened in real life. A passenger wanted fresh air… they were of course arrested.

This happened in the USA where people do this all the time… XD


The aircraft would not go into a stall if a door simply opens. Think about c-130’s or any aircraft that flies with doors open. The pilots would start an emergency descent depending on the altitude.

The C-130 is built for opening doors in-flight. But the way I was talking about it was at cruising altitude; so just around 35,000 feet.

While leaving the gate, pilots lock the door. So it is impossible to even open the door while taxiing.