Can I no longer fly without a subscription?

Hey guys, I’ve been on an infinite flight hiatus for a few months whilst learning to fly real planes. (just went solo at 7.2 hours) I went to fly solo on the app today and it told me that I needed to purchase a subscription?! It’s extremely expensive in Australia and I can’t afford the subscription. I’ll remove the app if I can no longer fly without one and I will put a complaint into fair trading Australia as I paid for a service and it is a breath that I can no longer use a service that I paid for. I eagerly await your replies.

Where did you try to spawn at?

Can you please share a screen shot of the message you are receiving?

I just click “fly solo” it tells me to log onto existing account, i do. It then goes on to tell me I have got no subscriptions active and gives me no option to skip the IFpro subscription. It only gives me the option to click 1 month, 3 months or 1 year…

Can you please take a screen shot of your main screen before selecting fly solo?

So i just deleted and reinstalled the app. Seems to have fixed the problem…

Great! Glad it is working now.

You should be able to fly without a subscription in one of the established regions. To fly outside of those areas you will need a PRO subscription.

You sir are a legend. Thank you!