Can I move my experience to other account?

For some time I’ve been wondering if can I move experience (XP, flight hours, etc.) to other account. It would be more convenient to use IF on other account. I apologize if this topic is in the wrong category.

I’m not sure, but I think a moderator or a staff member can do it. I have never seen it done so I’m not sure as I said


Contact one of the 15 moderators and hopefully they should be able to help you

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What would be the reason for this?

I think that is the reason.

Okay, I’ll try it

That makes no sense. I’m asking for the reasoning, is it due to violations already incurred or what have you…

Because I have a new account.

Do you have another account already?
If so, yes… we can transfer it.


Yes, I have. Thank you

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Hope you get this taken care of. If you need anything just ask me via PM. Have a great day!

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Ok, if I have a question I will write PM to you. Thanks for the help!

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I’ll need callsign + display names of both accounts… and which account you want to leave behind :)


Will the subscription be preserved?

Yes, it will.

@schyllberg I have a problem

PM me and I’ll have a look when i get home :)

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