Can I make a topic about a website related to aviation?

I found a website called and I was wondering would it be against the rules of the forum to post a link to it or would that be spamming?
Thank you and happy landings

Dead link…

What is this website about? This forum is mainly for Infinite Flight and it doesn’t look like the website above is anything about Infinite Flight.

Also, I can’t see what the website looks like as you probably typed it in wrong.

If it is about #real-world-aviation, take these into mind:

  • Is this a major thing in aviation that needs to be shared and help others?
  • Is this about a major event that happened (eg pilot strikes, major crashes, airport expansions, etc)?
  • Would this allow for a productive conversation?

Consider those before you post whatever website you want to post.

2 Likes Is the right link :D


It is a ok I just wanted some input on if it would be allowed on IFC

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Just take the list above into consideration before posting

We have to keep everything professional and civil around here and that includes sharing websites.

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Sorry if I caused any confusion I just wanted to and ask about it before posting just to be safe

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Technically, advertising of items for sale isn’t allowed on the IFC, per the ToC set by discourse (the platform the IFC runs on)

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Feel free to open whatever topic you want, have a good day!