Can I Make A Feature Request For A Livery That Was Removed To Be Added Back?

Sorry about the weird questions… pretty self explanatory

Example: could I make a feature request for the Allegiant 757 to be added back?


While there’s no rule against it, I don’t personally see a point. After v20.3, I doubt the 757-200 will receive an update for some time. Of course that’s speculation, but from past trends, that’s what I’d suspect.


I don’t see why not but it may have been removed for a reason but I don’t know why.

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True, but there’s also a bunch of routes I could’ve done with it.

Oh well

The devs cannot keep/add every livery, unfortunately, It takes up too much time and storage. The 757-200 update is geared towards diversity, which is probably why some common liveries have been removed. I know it doesn’t sit well with some, but I’m sure it’ll be made up for in some other way!

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Gonna be honest there are some liveries on the 757 I’ve never heard of before 😂

I’ll have to do a research project

I’d recommend waiting for the full release. The current liveries shown are not the full list.

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They removed the allegiant livery?

Edit: it’s still there

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