Can I log into my Infinite Flight Pro account from more than one device?

Title is pretty self-explanitory. I purchased IF pro on my IPad and just got the update on my Samsung. Is it possible for me to log into my live account on my Ipad as well as my phone without causing any glitched or harm?

Sorry if this is a duplicate or a silly question but I don’t want to do anything I am not sure about.

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I guess it’s not possible, since it disconnects your flight if it finds out another device is using your account at the same time. It is also a violation of TOS.

If you use both device on the same time, then it wouldn’t be suggested as it violates Infinite Flight’s ToS. But if you have an account and logged on 2 devices then it’s okay. As long as you don’t try to use both devices at the same time


I did with the Live subscription. I doubt it changed with IF Pro.

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You can sign on on how many devices as you want. You can’t however use more than one at a time.


Thank you all so much

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