Can I load my Android Account on an Apple device?

So I am getting an IPad for Christmas and that’s why I was asking myself if you could transfer your IF Account from Android to Apple if you are signed in with Google. Also, do I have to purchase IF again in the AppStore If I bought it in the Google Play Store already?

Sadly, you can’t transfer from Android to Apple or vice versa, you’ll have to pay for the game. You subscription and account should remain as it currently is.

So I can log in with Google on Apple too?

To the top of my knowledge, that is possible, yes. You will only have to pay for the App on the the Apple Store. Your account will remain the same.

You will not lose your stats or subscription, however, you will have to buy the game again from the app store.

So I can log in with Google on the Apple version?

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Yes, no matter what platform, you will still be able to login with Google and Facebook in app.

Answered, twice… :)