Can I land a 737 BBJ at aspen

Could anybody tell me if I’m allowed to fly the 737 BBJ into aspen


If on Expert, the TFR states that no aircraft larger than a CRJ-900 are authorized. All larger aircraft must divert to the nearest suitable airport. Hope that helps :^)


Thanks that does help actually


737BBJ is probably just too big. The biggest plane that’s gone in there was a 737 classic, and it came in just 3 inches below the maximum wing span, and since it only had a few VIPs was able to stay under the 100,000 lb limit. Now a 737BBJ especially light, and since you can use some extra breaks in infinite flight, should have no problem getting in, and out, but as previously mentioned that would have to be not on Expert or probably TS. Now Eagle County might be more up your alley, the airport is just north, has much of the same beautiful mountain terrain and regularly gets traffic as large as a 757…



Largest plane allowed at Aspen is a crj900.

Go to that website:

  1. Press the menu
  2. Press „airports“
  3. Type in your airport ICAO code

Here you go, you‘ll find all airport information, including the size restrictions

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Thank you Very helpful

If you want a near by division might I recommend Rifle (KRIL).

To answer you question, yes, you could land the 737BBJ at ASE seeing as it has an 8000’ runway but should you do this on Expert server? No. I doubt you’ll get stopped or anything if you do but I’d just say obey the TFR.

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