Can I just use one engine when I’m taxiing

@DeerCrusher ex Embraer Pilot? I didnt know.

Yes he flew the E-175 for United Express based out of Denver.


He left the commercial plebeians like us to go fly jeff bezos to his spaceship now


🤣 Thank you for this. Gave me a good laugh

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Just make sure you dont shut off ypur APU until after youve started the second engine

Me in my C172 reading through all the answers attentively


Hi @GoldenYu_HK!!! As friends here told you that it is possible. I’ll leave a guide that is from here in the community. It’s pretty cool and a good read🤓


Most definitely us very common for most airlines IRL especially AA and SWA on short taxi though, saves a ton of fuel ad well.

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Yes, you can, it is a great way to conserve fuel! Also on the loading screen, they have a few “Pro Tips”, and this is one of them. Just always make sure to turn your engines on just before takeoff :)

I once forgot to turn mine on lol 🥴

Definitely recommended especially when doing a long haul and there are long taxi times. Just don’t forget to turn that second engine on when you’re second in line for takeoff! 😊

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ok thank you so much

Oh ic! Thank u

Oh I didn’t notice that loading page have some tips, now I know thank u so much 😊

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Im an FA on CRJ’s. 90% of the time the pilots taxi on one engine

When i worked with United at SFO, i was next to the SkyWest ramp and they usually arrived at the gate with engine 1 shut down but kept running engine 2 while the rampers grabbed all the bags. I was told it was a procedure that SkyWest does with the engine temperature or summ

Was that the procedure on the e-jets (E170-195)? Or was it with aircraft like like CRJs and E145s, where the engines are tail mounted? I’m curious, as that sounds mildly dangerous if the engines are wing mounted, considering that the cargo doors are on the engine 2 side.

You can do that. Some airlines do that irl. Q-400 sometimes taxi with 1 engine off

IRL, yes!

Because some airliner in other to reduce noise & conserve fuel.

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