Can I just use one engine when I’m taxiing

Can I just use one engine when I’m taxiing ?


Yes, absolutely. There’s nothing stopping you from doing so, and some airlines even do that in real life for fuel efficiency and to save on engine wear.


Yes - single-engine taxi is actually relatively common in real life, though it adds to the workload of the pilots, and you can’t really do it if your taxi is going to be really short.


Oh ic!Thanks for your reply!😉

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I know with certain aircraft types it’s more common to taxi with a single engine. Personally, I always taxi with a single engine with the Dash 8-400 since it’s real life procedure at most airports. It makes things seem more realistic in my opinion.

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Another thing that’s done with most aircraft types is that engines are shut off when it’s apparent that the aircraft will be on the ground for a while. There have been times when I was something like 14th for departure and tower was using the same runway for arrivals as well, and in such a case you’d be on the ground for a while. I usually turn off the number one engine if something like that’s happening, and switch it back on when I’m closer to the holding point.

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Can confirm what the others say above! I’ve been on quite the amount of flights and most of the medium haul aircraft I fly (737’s, A321’s) all use 1 engine taxies for majority of the flights.

Heavy airliners don’t do it often due to needing both / all engines to get em rolling.


Oh ic I try it in the A350 and it taxi very slowly now I know where the problems is, thank you so much!😉

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oh ic, thanks for your very professional reply!

Single engine taxi all the time. 😊


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Yes. You can.