Can I join Multiple VA’s?

Hey guys, I got a question. I am currently with AFKLM VA and I want to join DLVA. Because I want to stay with AFKLM and I don’t know if I’m aloud to join two VA’s.

You can be in multiple VAs, but sometimes it’s dependent on the one you’re already in (some will not allow you to be in others, I believe).

You can join as many virtual airlines as you want, however it’s wise to check with each before as I remember a few having policies that prevented you from belonging to multiple ones 🙃

@Claudio you only need change the category in future 😉

I am in 2 vas and 1 vo at the moment… idk the limit though

Of course. You can join as many as you want, as along you have enough commitment to fly the minimum time periods for them and you meet the requirements for joining them.

This does NOT belong in #support

Ok thanks guys all go ask my COO if I can join more than one VA.

@Logan as the DLVA Manager and a close partner with AFKLM, I can assure you that we have no issues with you being in both VAs. In fact, we encourage it! :)


Hey @MrMrMan thank you I will apply soon!


Thanks for helping the author everyone :)