Can I join an airline?

Hello there!

I’ve just made an account for my Infinite flight. Is there any way I can join a virtual airline? There might be some requirements, perhaps?

Thank you,
Ola Heggvoll, Norway.


Hello! Welcome to the Community,

Yes you can join an airline as long as you fit the requirements ;)
You can see more about it in the #live:va section.

If you could tell me what airline you are looking for, I could help you

A list of Virtual Airlines can be found here @HeggOla

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Hey! Welcome to the community. Happy to have you here :)

Different VAs and VOs have different requirements. Your best bet is to look through the #live:va category, and/or through the list on the IFVARB link that @Ritesh321 provided, and find one that fits your requirements and level.

Some VAs require you “to be in good standing on the IFC” or at a certain trust level on the IFC, while some are open to literally everyone. Look through all the requirements carefully and I’m sure you’ll find a VA/VO that you’ll be happy to join, and who’ll be happy to have you as a pilot!

Once again, welcome to the community, and feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions :)

Hope you enjoy your time here!


I’ll have a look at them.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome :D


I am primarily interested in airlines based in Norway. Is there any Norwegian or SAS virtual airlines?

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There sure is. There’s Norwegian Virtual, SAS Virtual and Finnair.

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There are!
Norwegian Virtual
SAS Virtual
Finnair Virtual

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Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they are active on
Ifc as I can’t see their 2021 thread. You can message their CEOs and check if they are still hiring

@Pilot_Dan1 for Norwegian
@Isgrena for S.A.S

But it looks like you can sign up for finnair virtual
Here at their thread. You can have a look at their fleet, their management, requirements and their ranks

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We are still hiring, and working on a new thread.
Please head over to our Website to Get the newest information here


Despite our quite outdated thread SAS Virtual Group is still very much alive and are hiring. Having the largest route network in Norway, offering both routes with SAS and Widerøe you are more than welcome to join us.

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Please use the database link: