Can I invest stock for IF?

I have live+

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I’m willing to invest $2000


That’ll get you a solid gold coloured livery 788.

These are sounding more like donations than actual stock.


I wanna see a Live+ for life package.


Stock means shareholders which can negatively influence the direction a company goes. Or you get crap updates for the sake of having an update to please shareholders without real content thus alienating the end user.

I prefer to think that by buying live+ you are part of the “member owned” model to let the app thrive as it has in the past.


That would be like getting a tattoo. Expensive and permenant. They will likely never consider it.

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I’ve been thinking of asking this

And Chris that’s not true they can choose how many shares are put out on the market for sale. I think it would be beneficial to do something like 5-10% of the company on the market, and this would prevent a hostile takeover

There’s no takeover like a hostile takeover.


@Noroftheair duh. You cannot buy FDS stock. The question was what is the alternative. Buy Live+.

@zbelle there is no other alternative.

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U need to meet up with Laura to discuss.

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If you get part of FDS or IF do you get beta version of global???

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HR would like too see you Mr Shelton.