Can I intentionally cut my throttles

Alright so I started a flight this morning and I won’t be able to land if I cut my throttle by staring a flight and I stall and crash will that give me any vios? Is it possible

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Yes you still would get vios from over speeding.

Why do you need to cut your throttles?

Because I won’t be Able to land or end my flight so if I cut my throttle will it disconnect me from the live server and will is stall and not get vios since I won’t be connected?

I would not suggest doing this as I believe it’s against terms and service of IF. Don’t quote me on this.

Where did you get this from

I dont know if its possible, but you could ask a mod to intentionally kick you off the server so you dont get any violations.

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We have some powers but not that much. ;)

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Well crap but @Levet will it work though my solution

I couldn’t ensure that you wouldn’t get any vios. Sending a PM.