Can I have two acounts with same identities?

This is quite self explanatory.

Please can you elaborate on what you are trying to say

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My cousins want to play infinite flight, but they cannot because they are using the same iTunes acount.(I think that is why)

I dont think you can.
You can log into two devices with the same account tho

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I don’t think you can

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As @George_Flack said - you can have the same account on two devices, but you will not be able to play with the same account at the same time.

What about 2 different acounts, but same iTunes acount?

You can play at the same time. Ive done that before. However that was a long time before global so i guess its changed

So when your cousins are playing IF avoid playing on the other device

They want to play together.

Im not sure. Im on android, i hate apple and IOS so i have 0 clue

I think two different accounts on the same iTunes account should work, I don’t see why I wouldn’t. I’d ask a mod though…

@USAairlines i’ll see what i can do but i the answer is going to be the same

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NVM, my cousins can play together. Happy Landings.

@schyllberg might know, hes around at this time rn on the ifc


Ok then nvm that too😂😂

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Sorry but i don’t even understand the question.

Are we talking about identities as Apple-ID/Google Account?

He’s asking if IF is installed on two different devices with the same iTunes account, but logged into Facebook or google on different accounts if it will work.

You can have as many devices as you want logged into the Infinite Flight app, but you will only be able to play on 1 device at a time.

maybe your cousin should purchase an account. If we could all share accounts we would and no one would be paying or only half of us