Can I have One Device Live and One in Solo

So I just got a new IPhone 11 for Christmas but I still use my 6s for longer flights where I wouldn’t be able to survive without my phone for that long. I noticed that you can’t have both devices live at the same time (on the same account obviously) but can I have one device flying in Live and can i have the other being flown in solo mode? Thanks!

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I think so…

Just tried it then and you can play solo while on live.

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The live one didn’t have trouble with server connection? Because you could still play with both on live, but only one would be connected at a time

Just no, if you have two devices on live, either you’re about to stall and crash because you’re engines get cut. You cant have two devices on live at the same time.

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I know that, but if you’re on the ground, unless you wait like a minute, the only sign of being disconnected is the red exclamation point

Your engines will get cut. Simple. Good day.

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