Can I get tips to editing an IF screenshot

Hello. As you know, my screenshots are a little A lot rubbish because they are as taken because I don’t know how to edit them. Can I get tips. I have ribbed. Is that okay? Thank you!

It might be worth giving either @AlphaSeven or @Nate_Schneller a DM, I know for a fact those two have some skill when it comes to editing images.

But otherwise the best thing to do is develop your own style. Apps like Photoshop, lightroom and Snapseed are always great starting points


Agreed. I use a combination of Lightroom and Snapseed, it gives great results.


I use photoshop when I edit my pics but I just change really small details 😊

Photo Lighting & app PS Express would be a helpful starting point 👌

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I made a tutorial a couple months ago on the forum so feel free to have a look!

There has been a few changes to the app so a few features have become part of a paid subscription unfortunately but I still use it to this day and it hasn’t let me down thus far!


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