Can I get some help identifying someone

Hello, I have a plane that was approaching faster than me at KJFK. I expect him to change runway or go around. Instead, he continued and ran over me. I would like a toasting on him as he isn’t prepared for expert. I have a image of his name. Can anyone help me?


Well, I can already see where this is going, “It is not nice to shame people, etc.” But I totally agree that this is unacceptable behavior especially on expert server and these people should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, the odds of this player being on IFC are relatively low especially with such a generic display name.

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Although it is not all that common for this type of behavior, our Expert Server controllers, Moderators and Staff make every possible attempt to police such activities.

Thank you for your report but this is something we would like to handle internally as we don’t condone public “roasting” or “toasting.”