Can I get more votes?

I just ran out of votes! Is there a way to get more?

No. What you can do though is visit features you have voted for a unvote. All you have to do is click the vote button again.

Thanks for the help. I will.

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You also get more votes by reaching higher trust levels. You currently are TL1 which allows you to have up to 5 votes. :)

Trust Level Votes
TL0 0 Votes
TL1 5 Votes
TL2 10 Votes
TL3 15 Votes

Okay thanks also @Starley

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You receive more votes once you reach a new TL (trust level). You can also go through your spent votes and unvote things you’ve changed your mind about or something added in-game after you cast your vote.


How do I get to a new trust level?

You can find the answer in the topic below. :)

And how many votes Staff and moderators have? 🤔

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